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Denmark babes

The first thing you denmark in Copenhagen are the bikes.

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They are everywhere. The bike as a mode of transport is very well looked denmark And so malizia sex hot is that I spend a good deal of my day biking around the capital. The other mode of transport that is immediately noticeable in Copenhagen is the boat.

Danish Babes

Friendships and other party boats turn the harbour into babes movable feast when the sun is out. Everything from dinghies and kayaks to tankers and cruise ships can be seen from the docks. Denmark is a small place and you are never more than 50 kilometres from the shore. These circumstances also explain how they could found and subsequently lose an empire. Losing all that but keeping Greenland and the Faroes islands still must have contributed to forming the national psyche into what it is today.


So what is that character? Rarely have I seen so many babes of both sexes in on place.

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All that happiness seems to work in other ways, too; I cannot remember when I last saw so many pregnant women and babes of the newborn variety out and about. So… happy on babes inside, and pretty on the outside.