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Denise hussey naked

By Trevor Hart. I am a photographer based in Dublin. I've been working in commercial photography for 27 hussey.

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Many of the images I create for advertising require that the depiction of femininity conforms to a commercialised standard which often involves photoshop manipulation in one way or another. In November I started working with life models to make a series of naked portraits that would not be retouched in anyway and would celebrate the beauty of skin. As I made these images I hung one shakira boob fuck two at home and in my studio in Portobello.

The project moved from being a personal exercise to a collaboration between women who felt that they naked make a very positive and empowering statement about their own body image in a very creative and confident way, celebrating their uniqueness in a way that they had never done before.

Each woman also wrote about their experiences or about their thoughts denise nakedness and vulnerability. Some women expressed Bare or nakedness and vulnerability without taking their clothes off.

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I completed the photography a few months ago and have collected the images together for a book. The text written by the women will be included in the book which will be printed and launched on October 9 at the RHA in Dublin. We will print books and the profits from each sale will go to Dress For Success.