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Yesterday I returned home from a blissful five days in Boracay in the Philippines.

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Girl trip was perfect, bookended a painful travel experience on Cebu Pacific Air. A few years ago I lost my patience with the crap to which budget airlines subject us.

So, I summarily lost my right to bitch. Nonetheless, here I am. Problem 1: The budget terminal at Changi minimizes food, drink, and duty free options, which can make a long wait feel a bit longer.

With only two people checking everyone in, it would take 45 minutes to check in everyone if they took bratz porn 30 seconds per movissexxx.

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That is because…. Problem 2: The small group in front of us was surprised by the outrageous overweight luggage danger to check in. This group brought 20 kg more luggage than the airline allowed. They were understandably irate and spent 20 minutes attempting to argue the fine away. They were unsuccessful.

Problem 3: