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Blue Nude is one of Pablo Picasso's master piece in his early years. It was nude in and after one of his close friend tragically died, he mourned over it for a long time and was in a depressive mode. It is one of Picasso's paintings during figure blue period and has without a doubt proved Picasso's talent on highlighting the deepest emotions while using only one color to effectively express it.

Blue Nude, 1902 by Pablo Picasso

The seated model, seated with her back to the viewer, postured as it often adopted in life classes. It was depicted from the high perspective, looking down upon the figure. There are no background of the figure, the same style adopted by Paul Gauguin in a number of the paintings he executed in Tahiti.

Here this carriage serves to avoid the onlooker from the scene, characterizing him or her as an outcast, arranged past the edges of remote and colorful universe of Gauguin.

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Picasso's reception of a back perspective works comparably to pass on a feeling of disengagement and rejection. Blue Nude has splendidly made utilization of the wonderful mix of surfaces to make it One of Pablo Picasso's most popular masterpieces. Even during Picasso was swamped xxx reema pic depression, he was still able to use it to his advantage to come up with a piece that is still clamored by nude art aficionados at this time.

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