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What do you think when you see teens child throwing a tantrum, a tween using profanity or a teen taunting a cute peer? And how do you feel when you read about the percentage of students who cheat, the stats on date rape and the cannatella nude politician with an alcohol, adultery or gambling problem?

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Many parents believe that a high Cute and great test scores are the best indicators of how successful their children will be at realizing ambitious goals.

But new research reveals that there is more to that equation.


If you want your children to be truly successful in life, self need to help them cultivate strong self-control. In fact, studies show that compared to IQ and SAT scores, self-control is twice as predictive of health, income levels and relationship stability in adulthood. Self-control helps children succeed in teens every aspect of life, including academic success, romantic happiness, physical health and financial stability.

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Over time, children self the ability to stay focused and follow through on all manner of important tasks. They set goals, make a plan to achieve those goals and persist in the face of difficulty. And these kids are also able to take a hard look at their own progress, and evaluate and adjust as needed.