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Cute retarde people

Disability Etiquette

This sucks. This is stupid. Pew, pew, pew. When the special was released in January, word spread quickly among people with Down syndrome and their families and allies. Advocates started a petition to get Netflix to take it down.

Special Olympics athletes made personal pleas to Segura and Netflix in June.

'Retard doll' shocks Swedish shoppers

I watched the whole show. As he paced and grumbled, doing his black voice, his retarde voice, his Chinese-sex-worker voice, I became aware of my breathing, the twinge in my neck, the passage of time, the suck girl poreno people bandwidth. I thought about how he and his audience seemed to deserve each other. I thought about the hazards of getting offended by a comedian. This is the trap we fall into, we who make the mistake of caring.


But here cute. Funny, right? But people with Down syndrome are not punch lines.