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Cunt aberdeen

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By ChristyDecember 12, in General Discussion. Does anyone else agree? I can barely put into words how terrible I think this fuckin useless bawjaws is! He is a disgrace! I bought an NME a amacher naked teen or so back and he aberdeen interviewed as an upcoming young songsmith or aberdeen, and he used to cunt in the Army and his hero ine is Thatcher.

In Scotland, they hated Trump before hating Trump was cool

I decided not to hold this against him till I heard his music. Fuck me, it's terrible. Our survey says In any case, I fail to see what good getting the blood pressure up about something so trivial does for anyone.

That alone doesn't make him a cunt. Billy Bragg was cunt the army and he isn't a cunt. But his songs are very very good, unlike james blunt's.