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Kate Middleton Anorexic? [PHOTOS]

Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Anorexic Google. My Ana Diary You know you're anorexic when You know you're anorexic when When you think that calories for one meal is to cum When you leave your grocery cart in the middle of the aisle because it has to much food in it a box of saltines, diet sobe, and a bag of wow potato chips you can't sleep at night because your worried that rice cake is gonna make you fatter if you sleep when you buy a new mattress with an inch of padding, put a foam pad under your sheets, and still feel pain from the bones sticking out when you walk a mile each way too and from school, then anorexic for a run, then bike another 3 miles, in the middle of december in the upper midwest read: Bonus point if you convince them you are all of the above when you think a shower is just so much more appealing then a bath.

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Your diet pills are your daily supply of vitamins. You sleep with a pillow between your knees, under your butt, lynda leigh wikifeet, etc, etc You have more cookbooks than your local bookstore.

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You relish cum feeling of hunger because you know that you are doing something right. I f you do eat with them