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Communist girl

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Help us bring this sitcom about a communist, Canadian Lefty family to life. But it's so rare to see Canada in the s on screen.

I Can’t Stop Watching This Woman Yell ‘I’m a Communist, You Idiot’ at Piers Morgan

Our show is funny, charming and female-driven. And if you are from a Lefty family, or like to tease someone who is, I think you'll get a kick out of seeing our loveable characters on screen.

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This would all be okay with Dunyasha Will she fit in with the cool kids? Or will she forge her own path and discover where her views lie instead? Loosely based on creator, writer and director, Leah Cameron's teenage years, it's a fish-out-of-water-story about the McDougalds, a family of charming Canadian Pinkos who approach just girl everything in life from a very "distinct" point-of-view.

Ian is always driving the rusty Soviet army dwarf sex video he girl through their highly conservative neighbourhood for one thing! And he's constantly trying to recruit her new friends to silkscreen signs communist his campaign! The joke, to us, i that her friends actually think Ian, a retro Bernie Sanders, is pretty cool.

Communist Women's International

But creating 90 minutes of content with this type of 80s Canadian specificity costs a pretty penny? Everything from the actor's 80s outfits, to their hair and make-up, to the Lada Niva, an old Soviet car Dunyasha's father drives, needs to be created or rented. The show just wouldn't be quite same without it!.