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Having entered the Hindi cinema inMallika instantly charmed the audience with her sensual dance numbers and mesmerising performances. But later, the actress explored international projects too. Afterthe actress headed to the US and Paris to take up international projects. I just didn't want to spend my time from one dusty film set to another.

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There is more to life than that. That's why I feel it is so important to reinvent and grow as a person. And Bollywood mei reh reh ke mujhko aisa lagta hai ki hum kuyein ke mendhak ho jaate hain. People here think that there is nothing except Bollywood in the world," Mallika said.

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She further shared with Hindistan Times that she wanted to experience different cultures. She also did amateur theatre and attended acting classes while female around the world. After all sex chineses woman, Mallika said it was "therapeutic" for her and staying away from the Indian film industry was comfortable for her. While Mallika was given the glam girl tag, she talked about nudity and kissing that was prevalent in her films and how it is treated in movies today.

Judgements will always be nude. My films, for example, Murderwere ahead of its time.