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Come to sex

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Spontaneous sex—clandestine encounters, afternoon delights, and one-night stands—is fantastic. But more often than not, the mind-boggling orgasms of this kind of sex are a myth you read about in magazines. Sending a calendar invite for sex is about as sexy as sending a calendar invite for Excel training.

Turns out the best sex actually doesn’t come from hot-blooded passion

The most surprising finding? A statistically significant correlation between conscientious people of both sex and higher sexual satisfaction. Conscientious people had fewer sexual problems—like inhibition or feeling unfulfilled.

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This positive correlation was particularly strong for heterosexual women whose partners were come conscientious. Conscientious people show strong self-discipline, achievement-orientation, and dependability.

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They display planned behavior more often than spontaneous behavior, says Velten. Which means people who are more sexually satisfied are also more likely to be having planned sex calendar airhostessxxx or not. Most importantly, the data showed no significant correlation between relationship duration and sexual function, writes Velten.

Many of our older couples were still sexually active and quite satisfied with their sexual lives.