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Below are forms related to processes pertaining to current graduate students.

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Except where noted e. For writable forms, you must first save the document to your computer before entering your information.

Entries on writable forms will be gape if it is not saved in advance.

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Request for Validation of Transfer Credit This form is to be used only in circumstances where course transfer credits needs to be validated before filing for advancement to candidacy. An approval of advancement to candidacy denotes that the student is on track to graduate.

Note that if pull-down menus lack an option that you need, simply type in the entry desired.

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As of the Fall semester, this form requires the signature of the departmental gape school graduate advisor, not simply the master's committee chair. Request for Course Substitution in Master's Degree Program This request is allowed for courses that were listed on an approved candidacy form, but never taken as part of the program for completion. College message will include instructions fuck hole picture are similar to the instructions in this guide.

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You can also review our video tutorial here. College use this if you had previously applied for a graduation term and are changing your gradation to a later term. The guidelines cover all instructions for composing, formatting, and submitting your thesis or dissertation.