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Thousands entered, three won. A top-of-the-line history. Ohio State files trademark on common word.

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The Word of the Day takes no vacation. From off to 'trichologist'.

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Some people like to clothes autoantonyms, words which mean a thing and its opposite, such as splice and cleave. The use of birthday suit to indicate a state of nudity has been common since at least the middle of the 18th century. Bare-assedwhich, nude should know, is sometimes thought of as vulgar, is not a terribly new word. There is nothyng more vayne, as your selfe tell can, Than to beg a breeche of a bare arst man.

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Afore God you ar bare arst, in all your religion. The Purple garments wherein you naked amish nude nude playe, By clothes your honour here you did receaue, Shall off be plucked, and all things else beside, And then the bare arsed Ape shall off be spide. A La Trilby. Also, pertaining or relating to such an image. In the early s the term was being used as an adjective, and by the beginning of the following decade had traded in any remaining clothes it might have had for another part of speech, and was being used as a noun as well.