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Cirujano facial

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Look fresher and healthier. Get a fresh, natural look. Take a few years off. You will get younger skin.

Dr. Jonathan Cordero Y.

Modern installations. Certified Surgeon. Consulting by. The rhytidoplasty or premature cum video raises the muscles that have become lax, removes excess skin and redefines the lines of the face and neck cirujano the volume of soft or skeletal tissues.

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The effects of facial aging are facial uniform but affect the entire face, deep wrinkles appear on the forehead and around the eyelids as well as excess skin and herniation of fat bags around the eyes; the soft tissues of the cheekbones and cheeks fall, the grooves near the nose become deeper, facial a marked decrease in neck tissues are the most frequent changes.

Through strategically planned incisions and whose extension varies according to the needs of each patient, the skin is carefully separated from the muscles of the face which will be repositioned to obtain a youthful appearance of the face. The fat bags will be rearranged and in some cases removed as well as excess skin. Often this procedure is accompanied by fatty grafts to give greater volume to the rejuvenated face. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia with an cirujano duration of four hours.

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