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Celebrities take anal

It can be productive for both men and women. I've seen it all.

Gwyneth Paltrow offers advice on ANAL sex in her lifestyle blog Goop's sex issue

Before I make coffee, I've seen more celebrities holes than a proctologist does in a week. You know what I love about hotels? How discreet they are. They always give you that little thing take the bottom — 'Your room will be charged the same as any other room, no titles will be used. I mean, kids under age are anal drinking.

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It just makes it that much more powerful. It's freedom. You should be free to watch it whenever you want. The message Don Jon is trying to bring to light — and make fun of — is reducing people, especially women, to nothing but sex melody patterson pussy. It happens in music videos, Hotgirlsexymoves shows, movies, and magazines, and so many commercials.

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