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Camping sex tips

Camping can be super romantic what with all the nature, snuggling up in your tent by the fire, nude concert pics looking up at the stars.

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But a camping trip, especially the first one together, is a big-ass relationship milestone. Can it withstand constant togetherness amid withdrawal from Wi-Fi, decent coffee, and comfort in general?

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If you're willing to put your relationship to that kind of test, these are the positions that'll make it worth the trek. Camping Sex PSA: Turn off your lantern first. Even though you can't see the other campers from your tent, they sure as hell can see you.

10 Camping Sex Tips, Because There's More Than One Way To Enjoy Roughing It

Camping give tips an X-rated show. Before you're done unpacking, line up a couple of rolled-up sleeping bags end to end.

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Lie on top of them on your back while he climbs on top, bracing himself with sex hands and knees on both sides of the sleeping bags. Since you're elevated, it switches up the angle and allows him some deep, deep thrusts.

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