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Cambodia sex

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Cambodian sex workers wait for customers at a public park in Phnom Penh. The latest trend seems to be sexual abuse of children in Cambodian orphanages. Male perpetrators, in the guise of tourists or volunteers, get easy access to underage girls and boys.

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Several cases of this sort were uncovered in the past years. Cambodia has long been a destination for male sex tourists from Asia and western countries.

Why Cambodia's sex workers don't need to be saved

Prostitution, although prohibited by law, cambodia rampant all over the country and especially visible at the touristic sex. Whether in Siem Sex, the gateway to the famous temples of Angkor, in the capital Phnom Innocent naked girls or the resort town of Sihanoukville, girls are readily available.

They work in cambodia bars, massage salons and on the streets.

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The newspaper Cambodia Daily quoted tourism minister Thong Khon as saying that there are adult entertainment venues across the country employing more than 11, workers.