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Bulma no panties

They panties a significant role in Dragon Ball 's early comic relief and fan service, which is mostly exploitation pha sin nude Bulma.

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In " The Secret of the Dragon Balls ", Goku tries to look to see if Bulma has a tail and moves her skirt up revealing her panties. Later on at Goku's house she tries to seduce him into giving her his Dragon Ball by showing him her panties and offering for him to touch them. He then lays on Bulma's lap and realizes she has no bulge. He takes her panties off to find out that girls have nothing there.

Bulma Roshi asks Bulma to show him her panties for his Dragon Ball.

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When she goes back to the capsule house she finds that they are off and that Goku removed them while she was sleeping. In " Yamcha the Desert Bandit ", Oolong tries to escape Bulma and she puts her panties on a fishing rod to bring him back up.

Later on Oolong turns himself into a pair of panties and offers Bulma to wear him due to hers being wet from fishing him out but she gets really mad and smacks him.

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In " The Dragon Balls are Stolen! He is seen wearing them on his head all the way through the episode " Goku's Rival ".

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