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From filmmaker Antonio Campos Afterschoolthe indie drama Simon Killer is an unsettling psychological portrait of a well-educated, handsome young man named Simon Brady Corbet who travels to Paris to get over a recent break-up. He soon corbet himself drawn into a sex parlor where he has a sexual encounter with an exotic prostitute named Nude Mati Diop that continues to spiral out of control.

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Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware corbet there are some spoilers. How did this film come about? I had the idea and I went to Brady, and Brady and I really flushed it out. The process was really developing this outline. And then, once we went to Paris, we began a process of casting, which was nude meeting actors that we liked.

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Brady knew some actors already, from a casting process that brady was doing for a short film he was trying to make in Paris, a few years ago, so we went to some of those people. And then, Nicolas Ronchi, who was the casting director on the film with Susan Shopmaker, was instrumental in bringing us some good people.

So, once each person came on, we started the process of improvising scenes. And then, once Mati Diop, who plays Victoria, came on, she really got involved with dadfucksex, in terms of adding this whole other element to the story and to the character.

She spent a great deal of time with the girls who actually work in those bars, and got to know them.

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The whole thing was an incredibly collaborative process, across the board. I knew I wanted to explore a break-up and I wanted to explore this gradual progression of a young man arriving at this killer that was inside him.

A lot of girl sheep sex comes from the books I was reading at the time, which were Georges Simenon books, and the books by Jim Thompson were a big nakedguyspinoy.