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Boys wearing bras

Girls almost seem incomplete without bras.

What happens when guys are asked to wear a bra for just 1 hour?

Heck, women even have their bra-free days! From the sports variety or sexy bras to daily work bras to flirty bras — you even get things like sleep bras and maternity bras! While for men, they are often amazingly sexy and can be a turn on, for women, they just wait till the end of the day when the bra can finally be taken off and thrown away. Ahh, freedom! First of all, not every company offers the same fit.

Wearing you need to find the right fit.

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If not the right fit, they can be really uncomfortable. The straps dig into your shoulders and your back all bras long. Also, boys the bra is too tight, you feel suffocated and cannot breathe.

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If too loose, it leads to sagging and you have to keep adjusting it all the time.