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Bookworm girl

I like clothes and shoes as much as the next girl, especially if they come from Torrid or Dress Barn.

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And most of my credit card history is on Amazon books. I buy them because they make me happy, and they take up just as much room as clothes, so there is very little difference as far as I am concerned. This is a true but unfortunate fact.

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I swear I will do my best not to, because more often than not, fictional men are just too perfect. I mean, no or very little flaws whatsoever.

Bookworm Girl

That is the one advantage you have—you are not fictional and my friends will meet you. Despite what bookworm think, girl a guy who likes to read is actually more of a plus than a requirement.

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Dating a reader does not guarantee he will like the same kind of books as I do. There are those snobs who only read classics or Booker Prize Ebru gandez pussy and look down at anyone who dare read a fantasy romance novel.

However, there will be a problem if he makes fun bookworm me reading in a not good-natured girl, or tries to stop me from doing it altogether for more favorable to him activities.