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Mizuho has long brown hair that she ties up in a ponytail with a purple hairpiece and keeps long bangs on both sides of her face. She has slightly thick eyebrows and brown eyes.

Resistance from Your Beauty, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction

While in school, she wears the typical Karakura High School outfit. At home however, she wears a white shirt with black shorts and pink stockings. Mizuho is very violent and nude angry over very small things, such as bleach her brother when it takes him some time to get juice. She has an odd nude in fashion, dressing Ikkaku in a polka dot shirt with a heart and bear on the front, which Mizuho described it as unbelievable.

Mizuho Asano

After sending her brother, Keigoto out to get a drink for her, Mizuho wonders where he is and what could be taking him so long. When he returns, she scolds him for taking too long, and notices the two men that Keigo has brought home with him, focusing specifically on Ikkaku Madarame and her face drops. Keigo explains that Ikkaku collapsed while he was out and he could not get juice.

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He asks if he and Yumichika Ayasegawa can stay with them while Ikkaku recovers, and tries to express his asiaticasporno to this. However, Mizuho becomes ecstatic and says they can stay. Keigo further tries to dissuade her, saying she has a good looking body and that the two may come to like this and stay forever. Mizuho says it is too bad as she has already given them her approval bleach stay.