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I was born like this! I should at least toppornsites the right to bleach and die karin Whether it's humans or insects That's why I won't Kon occupies the body of a small stuffed lion for most of the time.

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The doll has a light tan body with seams running up and down the entire thing. The arms and legs each have four white, flat claws which serve as his fingers and toes.

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A button is placed in the center of the body where his belly button would be. He has two beady black eyes and small ears with pink inside of them. His head is surprisingly flat when viewed from the side and he has a brown, spiky mane atop his head.

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Hanging from his lower back is a small tail. In this enlarged form he sports large and well-defined muscular physique. Kon can also be reverted to his original naked via a remote.