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Black graduating from the Government College of Art and Crafts, Calcutta in Pyne began to move away from the tenets of both classical Indian and Western art to respond to the beckoning of his own artistic impulses. Landscapes fascinated him initially.

But along with the world bathing nature and flora emerged black own reconstructed images of fauna that often signified as metaphors of human passion and energy, and his paean to the elemental magic of women.

This transition may have risen from his penchant for human psychology and observing the intricacies of human behaviour.

Nude Black woman bathing. Vintage AFRICA Postcard BELGIAN CONGO | eBay

An inveterate introvert, the world of workaday reality does not attract Pyne as much as lower depths of psyche and the transformed world out of his fancy. Adherents of Surrealism thought that the horrors of World War I were the culmination of the Industrial Revolution and the result of the rational mind. Consequently, however, irrational thought and dream-states were viewed as the natural antidote to those social problems.

The Surrealist ethos also connected itself with the theories of Sigmund Freud who asserted that unconscious thoughts do motivate human behaviour while advocating free association and dream analysis to reveal subterranean thoughts. In the case of Pyne too, sripparella porn pics artistic vision does not adhere to logic because he does not see with his eyes but rather through his subconscious nude -- in an act of surrender to the liberty of his dreamy vision -- with little control over the nude caprice of his depictions.

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So, in this distinctive vein, he is perhaps the most seminal surrealist of the contemporary Indian art. About the Artist and his work:

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