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Bisexual Spanking and Sex Play - bispanking - SD/RM

Chapter One: Bill Discovers his Dominant Side Bill could not believe what he was experiencing. He was pounding his big cock into the ass of his friend and fellow Femdom submissive, Ron.

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And, he was enjoying it. Almost 24 hours ago he and his Femdom wife, Debbie, had won a Cocksucking contest, and were now enjoying the victory.

The prize was that their Femdom friends, Marion and Ron, both had bisexualspanking submit to 24 hours of sexual slavery to he and Debbie.

Bisexual Spanking

And, he was enjoying his role as the Maledom master over both. He had fucked Bisexualspanking several times bisexualspanking all three holes, and Ron even more in both of his. And, he was loving every minute of it. He looked down at his sexual slaves. Both Ron and Marion were side by xxx phto bipasha bisexualspanking over the back of their couch.

Both had their outside legs tied to the corner legs of the couch, while their inside legs were tied together. Both had their arms bound in the front in a similar fashion.

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