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Best oral irrigator

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You probably brush your teeth twice a day like you're supposed to. But if you're not flossing, you could still end up with cavities or gingivitis. For most people, flossing is an inconvenience, and for those with braces or arthritis, it may be next to impossible. In that case, an oral irrigator is your next best option. If you're new to these products, here's a quick overview to explain what they are, how they work, and how to choose the right one for you.

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We've also included our picks for the three best oral irrigators on the market. Considerations when choosing oral irrigators Oral irrigators provide a concentrated stream of water that powers away plaque and other debris caught between your teeth. They come oral two main types: Countertop models are larger and, as the name implies, irrigator sit out on your countertop. They plug into an outlet, and the oral irrigator itself is attached best its base and the water reservoir via a tube.

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You never have to worry about charging these irrigators, and they usually operate longer on a single tank of water than portable models. However, they don't travel well. Portable oral irrigators are more compact, and they generally use standard batteries or replaceable batteries.

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