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These best bacteria are everywhere, from yogurt to face masks. You might even be taking a daily probiotic supplement to help support the health of your gut, which can then impact other factors including digestion and mood. But you may be unaware of a different type of probiotic—one that benefits oral health.

The Best Oral Care Products for a Kissably Clean Mouth

These oral probiotics are critically important for oral a balanced oral microbiomewhich can prevent cavity developmentmaintain fresh breath, and keep gum disease at bay. Numerous diseases have been associated with oral pathogen overgrowth that is, having too many bad bacteria in the mouth and not enough of the good guysincluding:.

In fact, there best specific strains of oral microbes associated porn wemen fucking each of these diseases.

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With predictive testing, your dentist can even test for the presence of these in your mouth and identify if you have an increased risk for these diseases. This just speaks to the importance of a healthy oral microbiome. Whether your mouth maintains an ideal ratio of good-to-bad bacteria directly determines your oral and dental health, as well as oral health of your entire body. And oral probiotics can help to maintain this balance.