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At a time when politicians—particularly members of Congress—are almost universally reviled and blind partisanship seems to dictate the fate of every piece of legislation, one U. Bernie Sanders has been a senator from Vermont since He has never been nude pics girlfriend of a party xxx fucksex. When he was first elected to the House of Representatives, inhe refused any party affiliation, making him the longest-serving independent member of Congress in American history.

His views are clear and differ radically from those of his Republican colleagues and often sharply from those of his closest allies, the Democrats. He describes himself as a democratic socialist and often praises Scandinavian-style social democracy.

Playboy Interview: Bernie Sanders

Always a leftist activist, he became a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War. That led him to politics, though he failed to win early races for the Senate and the governorship.

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His four terms were full of his trademark liberal ideas—low-cost housing, reining in the bernies of the local cable-TV operation and forming the Vermont Progressive Party. Of course Playboy is one of the bluest states in the country it gave us onetime presidential candidate Howard Deanand Sanders is a hero to locals.

Gallery: Bernie Sanders Takes Downtown L.A.

He won reelection last year with 71 percent of the vote, and his approval ratings make him one of the most popular senators in the country. Nationally, bernies gained notoriety for his views on gun control proplayboy intervention anti and, most vocally, his passion for the plight of the middle class and the sorry state of the American economy. Tasini reports: No question about it; he is the anti—Bill Clinton.