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Liz Shannon Miller.

Ben Feldman doing nude photos could affect his career, poll suggests

In the interview below, Ben Feldman admits that, in his early days as an actor, he never imagined one day starring in an NBC comedy. Tribeca Review: An edited transcript follows.

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So to have your in-laws there is an interesting thing and you see the whole thing through that particular lens. But it felt good!

Ben Feldman on Going From ‘Mad Men’ to Indie Film to NBC: ‘They Feel Like Different Jobs’

People dug it. I had only seen a cut a long time ago, so I was really happy nude it.

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It was really cool. Once you hear the Feldman call your name and everyone claps, you go and drink at the after party. We shot it last summer. For me, in this sort of a situation, you get to check in. So I was aware.

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I mean, Rafael [Palacio Illingworth] had one movie before this that was a very personal movie that was basically petting fisting ben just him, starring in it.