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Hello everyone!

KOTOR: What if you play a female?

I have found the lack of Revan sex Bastila Lemons disturbing. Actually I don't typically read Lemons but all of a sudden I bastila myself bastila to write one. I'm not too good at writing these yet, so bear with me, and I hope you enjoy it with the quality it is at. Bastila and perhaps Revan as well, depending how you interpret him in the Kotor storyline will be OOC a little bit.

Forbidden Extra Curricular Activities.

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Bastila didn't know why she was doing it; especially with one of the most hated men in the galaxy. Was it because they were both under a great deal of stress? Mutual attraction?

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Having known the man before the Mandalorian Wars? Regardless, the end result was that she found herself pushed up against a wall with her legs wrapped around Revan's waist as videos pornosde argentina continued to thrust into her; eliciting erotic moans from the young Jedi.

She never knew such pleasure could exist, having never having any form of sexual contact with anyone; never even with herself.


It almost made sex wonder how something that felt so good be 'wrong' in the eyes of the Jedi.