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Miley Cyrus covers her naked chest with grapefruit and puts a banana to her crotch

By Shelby Slaughter At Dailymail. The Black Mirror star is trying to be as provocative as possible as she is pictured holding grapefruit halves up to her naked chest and placing a banana on her crotch.

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The former country singer sported her new blonde hair and bangs in the shoot and showed off her toned stomach. New era: Miley Cyrus shared some new photos on her Instagram on Tuesday promoting her new album She is Coming. New Miley: The star got down and stewart with a banana holding it up to her crotch while covered in glitter banna. Fresh off her new album release, which features six new songs, the singer has been promoting the new music and enjoying this new era.

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Cyrus also announced a 'special collaboration' with Marc Jacobs, Happy Hippy Foundation, and Planned Parenthood that nudes will be announcing soon. Thank you for all LOVE! Rude image: The Malibu crooner was also seen with a sprinkle and hardcore lady porn covered banana shoved in her mouth.

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There was also an image where she was licking a cake that read Abortion Is Healthcare. Vocal celeb: The star was following closely behind her famous husband in a crowd of people when a man tried to feel her hair, and then pulled her into him so he could kiss her.