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Babe metrosexual

Top definition. Someone who gives every appearance bouncing nude wives being homosexual, but is in fact heterosexual.

Want This: Mandles, Not Metrosexual in the Least - NBC4 Washington

A faumosexual female may be fairly butch in appearance and style, display a militant feminist "feminazi" attitude toward men, or show strong proclivities toward Lilith Fair or other female empowerment. These are the people you "just know" are gay, but who metrosexual to show proof to the contrary. People say that Tom Cruise is gay, but I think he's just a metrosexual. I work with this guy who wears nuthugger jeans and talks with a total San Fran lisp, but apparently he's not actually a fag; he's just a fauxmosexual.

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I totally thought Liz was a dyke because of her shaved head and leather, but Babe met her boyfriend yesterday. Talk about textbook fauxmosexual. Fauxmosexual unknown. A man who acts gay just to pick up chicks. Typically this is a last resort.

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How does Kyle get so many babe birds? He's gay! Naw man! Kyle is a grade-A fauxmosexual!