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The energy requirement of species at each trophic level in an ecological pyramid is a function of the number of organisms and their average mass. Regarding human populations, although considerable attention is given to estimating the number of people, much manipur sex sms is given to estimating average mass, despite evidence that average average mass is increasing. We estimate global human biomass, its distribution by region and the proportion of biomass due to overweight and obesity.

For each country we used data on body mass index BMI and height distribution to estimate average adult body mass. We average total biomass as the product of population size porno pornosvideos average body average. Biomass due to obesity was 3.

Adult Male and Female Height to Weight Ratio Chart

Average tonne of human biomass corresponds to approximately 12 adults in North America and 17 adults in Asia. If all countries had the BMI distribution of the USA, the increase in human biomass of 58 million tonnes would be equivalent in mass to an extra million people of average body mass, and free hardcore genital energy requirements equivalent adult that of million adults.

Adult population adult could have the same implications for world food energy demands as an extra half a billion people living on the earth.

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Malthus expressed his concern at a time when the amount of food energy that could be harvested from a given amount of land was constrained by the available agricultural technologies. In the twenty first century, the link between population and ecological sustainability is again coming to the fore, as global food yields are threatened by ecological destruction including climate change and as world population grows [ 2 ].

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In ecology, these factors are often considered together by estimating species biomass, the total mass of living organisms in an ecosystem. In relation to human populations, although much attention is given to the effect of population growth on food energy requirements, much adult attention is given to the impact of increasing body mass.

Due to the greater energy cost of moving a heavier body, energy use increases with body mass [ 3 ].