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Autumn Raby Ontario, Autumn Birthday: January 30th, Trail, BC, Canada Height: Bisexual Bio: Nude Hard Body' and is one of the few top ranking female bodybuilder pros glasses has built an unashamed career in self-managed online X-rated entertainment, delighting a small army of fem muscle fans with her uncensored nude and porn adventures since the year Growing up in Ontario, Autumn was always sporty, enjoying track and field, volleyball, badminton, baseball and soccer in high school. After moving from Ontario to British Columbia inAutumn found herself working as autumn waitress in nudie bars and constantly being asked by guys when she was going to get up on stage and have a go.

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She'd shyly change raby subject, but liked the attention, and eventually plucked up the courage to glasses it a go. Within three months, she became a featured entertainer, touring clubs all over Canada with her spectacular fire show, the highlight being desarie spencer nude making of a hot wax mould of her pussy live on stage which some lucky punter got to take home.

Club smallbabevegina were hesitant on hiring a bodybuilder as it didn't fit the typical stripper description.

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I was also known for my pole work.