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Ass in pants

Top definition. Pants or shorts so tight they reveal the shape of the wearer's posterior in sexytranny surprise marjorie detail.

Yoga Pants Ass - Ass MGP

When you first see Ramza in Final Fantasy Tacticsyou are at once enthralled by his conspicuous ass. December 14, Those black opaque tights that girls where, mostly in college and in the colder times of the year. They really flaunt the postirier and the crotchal pants in the front.

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When I go to the college cafeteriaI feel like i could stick a finger up every girls butt through those butt pants. Any pants usually jeansmost often worn by women but can be worn by men, with no rear pocketsintended to accentuate a person's butt Yo dude, check out that fat ass!

Yoga Pants Ass Movies

A few pockets would go a long way in concealing that shit. Butt Pants unknown.

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Pants which grab a man's ass to the point where you can almost see their balls from the back. Cowboys tend to wear these with cowboy boots and a fuckin' retarded ass hat. Yo ted, you see that cowboy over there wearin' butt pants?

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