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Asian sex style

Welcome back to another week in sex positioning brought to you by your favorite sexpert! Since we are on the brink of National Masturbation month in May, I decided to dedicate this week's sex position to female sexual satisfaction.

The mos regular sex position for an Asian petite chick

This week's sex position is a familiar one sex many and a favorite for others. Ladies, get ready to take your position as a rider and try on "Asian Cowgirl" for size. It's easier to ride in this position, but provides much more depth asian traditional cowgirl.

This is truly one of my favorite woman on top positions.

The mos regular sex position for an Asian petite chick -

Keep reading to discover the benefits of this position, where to perform it and how to get into this pairing that places a woman's pleasure as priority. To find a testing site near you and to learn more about STDs and testing, visit www.

Don't forget that using a condom correctly throughout the entire sexual experience will protect against unwanted pregnancy and HIV transmission. Male partner: Lie down on your back, place your hands behind your head and part dick sucking movie legs slightly. Relax, maintain your erection and wait style your partner to straddle you.

Female partner: