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Asian girl fart

Before I answer this most important question, I should quantify my reason for writing this article.

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Remember my last post where I was talking about how girl the longest time I girl assumed that all Asian asian were way out of my league? Being just like everyone else means that Asian women are asian more delicate deepest sex positions clean as an overweight and out of shape truck driver from Kansas City. Well, clean maybe, but my point is that we are all living things and we are all gross from time to time.

Some of us are gross fart often than others, but we all do things that would make anyone else gag in disgust if they saw what we did. I met my wife online at JapanCupid.

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She was and still is as pretty as a doll, and I thought for sure I had met an angel. We lived with each fart for about 6 months before getting married, and we both did well to be discreet with our bodily functions at that time.

I had barely even seen her underwear laying around for crying out loud, and she was especially lady-like and proper when it came to personal hygiene. She was by far the cleanest person with the best manners I had ever met in my life.