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How to Behave in Swingers Clubs

Welcome to Humptown! Willamette Week 's new sex advice column written by Portland sex educator and intimacy coach, Stella Harris. Ever had a question about sex and relationships but didn't know who to ask? Maybe you've wondered how to ask your partner for butt stuff, or an open relationship, or how anonymous finally admit that actually, you haven't been having orgasms.

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Maybe you've got a fetish you've never told anyone drugged stripper gangbanged, but you're dying to explore. This is the place for you.

Sex only that, but Humptown will give you specific local resources whenever possible to help facilitate the sex life of your dreams. For starters, we're going to talk about how to go to your first sex party. For many folks, sex parties are a kind of sexual holy grail.

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If you fall into that camp, you're in luck, because Portland is a very sexy town, with several venues for public sex shenanigans. My personal favorite is Clubslocated in the former Club Sesso space downtown. The idea of a sex club might sound impossibly intimidating.

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