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Buffy turns 19 years old today — the show, not the fictional sex, who actually turned 35 angel January just in case you weren't already feeling old. To celebrate the anniversary of the pilot's airing on March 10,we're taking a look back on the fraught, occasionally blissful, mostly traumatic love lives of the Scooby Gang and their spinoff associates at Angel Investigations.

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You'll see why. Willow and Kennedy.

Buffy Summers/Relationships | Buffyverse Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Objectively, scientifically, the worst. But when your girlfriend's death is so devastating to you that you literally pussy open squirting destroy the worldmaybe it's okay to take longer than a few months before leaping into a new relationship, y'know?

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Ugh, Kennedy. Willow and Xander.

10 Times Buffy and Angel Completely Destroyed Your Soul

Willow's unrequited crush on Xander should have stayed that way — and if you set aside a weird handful of episodes in season three, it does. That footsie scene still makes us cringe today. Cordelia and Angel.

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A quick refresher: Buffy as Angel and Cordelia were about to finally confess their not-especially-convincing feelings for each other, Cordelia's whisked away by a higher power, and returns possessed by a demonic entity. All of that being said Buffy and Riley.