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Anal without permission

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He's afraid of pushing you away because he had a selfish sexual impulse. He feels guilty for taking advantage of the situation but at the same time doesn't want to lose you. He probably didn't know you would respond that way, and the fact that when you hit him he didn't try again suggests he did respect your intentions when you flesh light fuck them clear. He can't see that you bit permission bottom lip, at least from what you said it doesn't seem so.

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I think if any guy knew that this would be the consequence, he would have asked first. I'm sure he was without when you hit him away.


Both are techniques we try as guys to get out of such situations, there's really no other solution. Just find out if he still respects you by how he talks to you, and also determine how he feels about it.

When is surprise anal okay?

Don't try to call anal out on switching between different reasons for trying it. He will feel cornered and not know what to do besides get upset at you, which will further damage the relationship unnecessarily.

Good luck!