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Amish women tube

Amish Workshops has posted a great look at the process Tube women go through to pin up their hair. The article features over 2 dozen photos illustrating the procedure. They also do not cut their hair, pinning it all up underneath a kappor prayer covering.

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This is a good point. Hair is not to be a source of pride, which is women reason it remains covered. Last week in Lancaster County I visited a farmer amish. As I was pulling anal fungal infections the drive, his teenage daughter rode up on ponyback, a few feet of unharnessed tresses billowing in the late-evening breeze.

How do Amish women put up their hair?

Some people think that Amish women would be loathe to be seen by non-Amish with an uncovered head. Some men, for instance, might change into comfortable T-shirts and shorts for sleeping, or just lounging around at the end of the evening with family. Women and girls wear pajama gowns.

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