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Amazing deep anal

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, and I think this is the correct section to make a post on this topic.

28 Incredible Anal Sex Positions (With Pictures!) For Wild, Orgasmic Sex

I've been working up the size over the years, but I recently bought charming beauty naked new large dildo. It's the Rascal - Black Balled 11" Dong 2. I'm able to take roughly 6" of it roughly the full length of the rectumbut I cannot get it past anal 1st bend.

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The dildo amazing not bending enough to smoothly get past without much pain I've seen videos of people able to take the whole " without any issues I also have a DocJohnson - Dik Rambone 2. My new 3" dildo actually bends more than the DikRambone. If you are after bragging rights, you will pay in the long term.

I can think of no deep reason for wanting to do this.