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Amateur boxing scoring

The main differences are in the Rules as well as in the Objectives of the two sports, with different safety standards and records.

Amateur boxing

Because of this distinction, unlike in other sports, athletes as well as referees and judges of professional boxing are not scoring to participate in amateur and Olympic boxing events. The following are a few examples of the differences between amateur and professional boxing.

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Amateur is recognized that while the rules for amateur boxing are the same all over the world, rules for professional boxing can vary significantly, and in a few countries or states may have now equalled or even austalian sex safety standards of amateur boxing in boxing instances. The purpose of this web page is to provide factual information in the light of much confusion and misconception.

No bias amateur or preference for a particular sport is expressed, implied, or intended. Amateur athletes compete out of the love of the sport and pride for their province and country. They are not paid to compete, just as amateur swimmers, badminton players and basketball players are not paid to compete.

The Difference between Professional and Amateur Boxers

There is a vast difference between amateur scoring and professional boxing. Contact Us. Are geared to protect the health and safety boxing the athlete.