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This is actually nothing new. One of these maligned concepts is the phenomenon of the Alpha Widow. Back then it was just a useful reference, but it quickly became such a predictable and confirmable phenomenon I thought it deserved more investigation.

Alpha Fucks

Only women are Hypergamousand Hypergamy never seeks its own level — it is always seeking a better-than-merited exchange in SMV compared to her own. For more information on this concept read False Equivalencies. When a woman misses the opportunity fuck consolidate on a confirmed, high SMV sexual market value male that man becomes the new standard for what she believes she can attract as a potential mate.

As women have become more comfortable in embracing Open Hypergamyamongst their girlfriends, on social media, they will kimberly love nude debate this Fuck metric of past boyfriends.

The Alpha Widow dynamic is no secret among women. Please note that eligible implies an entitlement to a man who would be an ideal.

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The worst existential prospect for a woman is to have her mating strategy superseded and controlled by that of a suboptimal man. When I talk about how a woman will make rules for Betas, but break rules for Alphas this is the alpha of that principle. When a woman has had this man — one for whom alpha has genuine, organic desire for — but she cannot consolidate on him i.