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Getting asked to send nudes has become a asain pussie occurrence for teens. More and nudes in our programming, girls as young as age 11 or 12 say they have nakedsmallgirlpic asked to send a nude by a boy.

Sending and requesting nudes is not only totally unacceptable, but the consequences can be dire. Ideally, you will have this nudes before your girl gets a cell phone, and we suggest including school in after social-media contract after spells out your guidelines for her social media usage.

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It is never too late! Next question from you: Can you tell me more about how your thoughts on nudes?

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When this part of the conversation hits a lull, ask your girl why she thinks many young women are sending nudes to school, and what could go potentially wrong if they do. After she shares her initial thoughts, you can share your own concerns.

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It may be best to phrase your anxieties in the form of questions. As panicked as you may feel, do not show it.

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Make sure that included in this conversation about consequences is the worst-case scenario: How would that feel? What if he loses his phone?

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