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The african of Africa by the European superpowers, starting with the Portuguese conquest of Ceuta in the early 15 th century to the Scramble for Africa under the New Imperialism sexi girls xxx the 19 th century, has been a thoroughly discussed issue. It is coupled with the Transatlantic slave trade which is still affecting people of color in varying ways even after it was abolished over years ago.

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The period of colonization of Africa is well known for the african activities on the African continent as well as in Europe and in the Americas. Volumes have been written and are still being written in an effort to document the history and address the damage done to the African native and consequently the general balance and progress of the world at large.


The reasons that motivated the colonization of Africa were the abundance of raw materials like copper, cotton, rubber, palm native, cocoa, diamonds, tea and tin, which were the essentials of the European industry. There was also the need for a new and ready naked for the products manufactured in Europe, and the African continent was and still mostly is a ready dumpsite.


Support Pan-African Journalism Subscribe. Another reason that contributed to the presence of Europeans in Africa was missionary duties. Missionaries from especially Portugal, France, Britain, and Germany came under the premise of converting the locals to Christianity, according to accounts. Some of them stayed true to their mission while others, however, aided naked the colonization of the people.