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An Australian photographer whose pictures of breastfeeding women have nude banned from Facebook says himba social networking site is wrong to appoint itself arbiter of what constitutes art.


Melbourne-based art dealer and photographer Christopher Rimmer travelled to Africa to shoot pictures for an upcoming exhibition documenting the continent's western aspirations, their affect on Africa's natural environment and tribal culture.

Taken down A Himba woman breastfeeds her baby. Christopher Rimmer.

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He posted a sample of his work featuring bare-breasted Himba women on Facebook, which deemed them unsuitable for children and tore them down nude. Tribal Himba, who have featured in the pages of National Geographic and are popular attractions on the African tourist trail african northern Namibia where they live, have worn loincloths nude tribal daughters covered their naked bodies in ocre body paint "probably for centuries" Mr Rimmer said.

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African photos will appear in an exhibition. I don't think anyone in their right mind would suggest it. He posted the images last week while still overseas but woke this morning to an email from Facebook informing him of their removal because they violated the site's terms of use himba.