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Sexual abuse of children is not just an adult having sex with a child. It may involve the adult fondling or touching the child, exposing adult genitals to a child, or rubbing of the adult's genitals on the child.

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Other forms of abuse may include showing the child pornographic adulthavingsex "dirty" pictures or videotapes, or using the child adulthavingsex a model to make pornographic pictures or videos. It is never okay for an adult to have sex with a child, adulthavingsex if the child seems to agree or even seems to want it. The adult is always the one in the adulthavingsex.

Most abusers get the child to trust them rather than forcing the child to have sex.

Sexual Abuse: Overview

Many abusers do not believe that they are doing anything wrong. They may seem to be people who love children. Most abusers are people that the child knows, such as relatives, friends, or neighbors.

Most child sexual abusers are male sexiest nude wives there are females who engage in abuse as well. Do not trust a child to someone just because she is a woman. Both abusers and abused children come from all incomes, from the very rich to the very poor.