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Adult social group

The social or interest-based groups are for children, siblings, youths and adults, and they are designed to group the strength and interests of people on the spectrum so that social skills and capacity building across a range of areas can be achieved.

We provide opportunities to meet others, develop friendships and explore shared interests. There are social groups operating in various locations across various locations within NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Young Adult Social Group – The Arc of Greater Beaumont

Please contact adult to discuss your needs and location. Throughout the year, we organise workshops through which participants can build upon their skills. This is achieved in partnership with a range of organisations that help us to build capacity in people's area of interest.

For example, we have worked with some of Australia's leading banks where people have expressed an interest in data analysis and specialist projects in IT.

Social Groups

Costs will be quoted for you depending upon your individual circumstances, including funding eligibility, the service you choose, and the pricing determined by the funder. We are a registered NDIS service provider and we social assist you to understand how you can utilise your funds to receive this service. ASteen is a Sydney-based parent-coordinated social group for teenagers aged 13 and over, with autism.

ASteen aims to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for teens who can communicate and interact with others and are seeking friendship and development of social skills. There is no cost to join the group; just the cost of the outings beautiful teenage tits. Outings range from picnics, museum trips and movies through to putt-putt golf, ghost tours, adult theatre visits.

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One of the features that makes ASteen successful is that parents, and often siblings and family friends, attend the outings with their teens. Outings are held all over Sydney, and families take turns group organise outings and activities, which occur fortnightly social weekends.

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