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Adult nude protests

Have you ever seen one of those slow-motion videos of a high-rise building being demolished with explosives so it will implode? Nude the building collapses in on itself like a brick ballet, falling to the ground in a vast cloud of dust, smoke and rubble?

Adult performers picket Instagram HQ over company's nude photo rules

Of course you have. These days, that collapsing, imploding building looks a lot like Tumblr. You remember Tumblr.

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It was the secret, seemingly forgotten giant of social media, adult somewhere around million monthly visitors give or take; the numbers swung protests from month ron jerrmy nude month. Founded inthe same year the iPhone launched, Tumblr has always been more desktop- than mobile-friendly.

As Tumblr Implodes Amid NSFW Ban And Protests, What Platform Steps Up?

Over the years, Tumblr evolved into a jack-of-all-trades blogging platform that could handle text, GIFs, video, audio and more, and allowed you to cross-publish to other social-media sites.

Its anonymity, openness and content flexibility fueled many focused communities nurturing the outsiders, the left behind and the left out. It also encouraged a lot of porn, though as some observers have noted, of a far more diverse and complicated range of human sexuality expressions than are trafficked in the mainstream adult sites. On Dec.